An Apology

The past few months have been difficult for many people and for many reasons.
I work full time in the NHS as an ODP (Operating Department Practitioner). Covid has caused massive changes in my shift pattern and requirements to rest and recuperate. The day to day work is similar, but made much harder due to the requirement of PPE and shift pattern changes etc.
I also now have study deadlines which have unexpectedly sprung up (long story!) which I now have to fulfil all too soon.
I make ukuleles for fun. I make ukuleles in my spare time. I make ukuleles for the pleasure of others. Also, I make them in my outside garage which is seriously affected by outside elements!. All of the above factors affect when and how I can build. I have recently had a couple of building setbacks which have really knocked my confidence (and bank balance!), and need me to relook at a couple of elements. I will get over it, but I need to work some things out.
I have had the privilege of amazing reviews from Barry Maz at

Got A Ukulele

and this has done fantastic things for the KM-Ukuleles Brand. It is such a shame they came at the beginning of this Covid situation. I feel I owe him so much. Covid also caused the dates for

Meet The Ukulele Makers Festival

to be altered, and I am still unsure if I can commit which upsets me as I am grateful to

Pete Howlett for everything I have achieved
What I am trying to say in this ramble, is that I am trying to continue making ukuleles in my limited spare time, I have lost my way a bit but I am sure I will recover. I have a LOT of resources, ideas and desires, and I also want MY OWN tenor ukulele.
I am just sorry that I can not fulfill them all at the moment.
Thank you all for your continued support
I am sorry I am unable to come up with the goods..
Please bare with me..

One thought on “An Apology

  1. No need to apologise for anything. The whole of Britain thanks you for your service to the NHS! I think only a few people have gained time to do more things they love in these troubled times. Others, like you, have found time swallowed up frantically trying to cope with events. Best of luck getting back to doing the things you love, be that uke making or otherwise.


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